5 Places I Want To Visit In India

If had enough money, two things I would have done. 1. Buying loads of books. 2. Travel.

I love to travel, visit places that are not much known yet beautiful, know the place, feel everything around, watch people and their lifestyle and etch everything in my memory.

Being an Indian, I haven’t visited all the places in India; solely because of the lack of time and my parents won’t allow me to go on a trip with my friends.

I’ll visit all the places I wish to. One day! I just know it because I believe if there’s is a will there’s a way.

So, if I get the chance, the five places I would visit first are:

  1. Khajjiar:khajjiar.jpgKhajjiar is a hill station in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is popularly known as the mini Switzerland of India. It is a plateau with a small stream and surrounded by meadows and forests. When I get the chance this would the first place I would like to visit.
  2. Kashmir:6e4ff74889a351f0b51d216f2ba2a71a.jpgKashmir is the northernmost geographical region of the India. The picture above is taken from a houseboat on Dal Lake. Beautiful, isn’t it? There are so many other places in Kashmir that will take your heart away. Click here to watch a beautiful video of Kashmir-The warmest place on earth.
  3. Coorg:64ac46d98cba3447017a32633f1d6ae5.jpgCoorg (Kodagu) is a hill station in Karnataka, India. It is popularly known as the Scotland of India. It is beautiful place with lush greenery with people rich in culture and hospitality.
  4. Manali:b8ec96b7c0c6f33bfa116665d0c84bd5.jpgManali is a town nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India. Manali has been blessed with extraordinary scenic beauty- lush green forests, meadows and blue streams. It will fill your soul with fresh fragrance of trees and misty nature.
  5. Munnar:9ba7ba970da6031cef7f7b9f7794ff6d.jpgMunnar is a town and hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerela, India. It is one of the most beautiful and popular hill-stations of Kerala.

It was hard for me to sort out the top five places I want to visit from my TO-GO list. But, the good part is that, yet again, priorities got sorted. You’ll find many other beautiful pictures if you look up for these places in the Internet.

Good day! ^_^

Always & Forever,



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  1. Well chosen places, dear Dia πŸ™‚

    There is also one place in the northern part of India – it is a small place near Rahon, about 350 km nortwards from Delhi – it is called Kirpal Sagar named after the great Sant with His name: Sant Kirpal Singh – what is so special with this place? – It is a very unique place in the whole world as all religions are peacefully under one roof, a place where poor and needy people are helped with free operations, free medical treatment, where poor Indian couple can marry and they get a basic quipment for their mutual houshold as a start – organised and payed by Unity of Man, Kirpal Sagar. Then there is a big school and children are educated with high values of life, then there is a library where people from religions are able to read in their holy scriptures and much more. 2 World-Conference were already held there and in the heart of Kirpal Sagar (translated: Ocean of Grace) there you can find a marble ship that crosses the ocean of life (symbolically meant) – with all symbols of all world-religions on top of it – with the meaning that we are all one.

    For more information in case you are interested in:

    All good wishes

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