Wind, you!

Here I am

Standing on my balcony

With a half lighted cigarette.


brought some memories for me

every now and then.

Making an eclipse on my face-

light of present on one half,

darkness of memories on the other.

And then Wind, you left.

You left with the cigarette ashes.

What do you want me to do now?

Hold on to the memories


let go of the ashes of the memories?


Who is she to you?

She’s the paragraph you read

While your mind wandered some place else.

She’s the darkness of your pencil’s lead

That helped you express but you never appreciated.

She’s the calm before the storm

That you overlooked.

She’s the semicolon

You forget about.

She’s the tan on your skin

That you never noticed taking place.

She’s the love that comes from family,

One that you take for granted.

Soul Craving

Tired eyes,

Grumpy peevish soul

Looking for things that fill the hole.

Doing stuffs

That I’m supposed to

Not what I want to.

5 Places I Want To Visit In India

If had enough money, two things I would have done. 1. Buying loads of books. 2. Travel.

I love to travel, visit places that are not much known yet beautiful, know the place, feel everything around, watch people and their lifestyle and etch everything in my memory.

Being an Indian, I haven’t visited all the places in India; solely because of the lack of time and my parents won’t allow me to go on a trip with my friends.

I’ll visit all the places I wish to. One day! I just know it because I believe if there’s is a will there’s a way.

So, if I get the chance, the five places I would visit first are:

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My Inspiration

What I’m today is all because of his influence. He was my school’s physics teacher as well as my private tutor in college. At first, I didn’t like him but gradually, when I started to know him, I found him to be quite different from the rest.

He has been the greatest inspiration of my life because of the following reasons: Continue reading “My Inspiration”

Heartbreaks Are Good For Your Career

I’m not sure how many of you have experienced this but trust me, heartbreaks are like motivation. They are so good for your caeeer. You just need the right vision. You should know the right way to look into situations.

My relationship status was not single for a long long time; For years!! When I was in a relationship with someone I hardly got time for myself. In my free time my heart-and-brain-in-love used to think about my partner or I used to spend time with them. I don’t know how progressive other relationships are but mine were too shallow and we didn’t bother about each other’s growth. We were always into each other; wasting the precious days of our life; loving and romancing around! Cliché!

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My Top 10 Favourite Atticus’ Poems

I came to know about Atticus through pinterest. I read some of his poems and I fell in love. After a little research I came to know that he’s a Canadian poet but has kept his identity private. He wears a mask when he shows up in publc.

He’s a great poet and I love his writings. The way he expresses himself is beyond comparison.

Here are some of his peoms that I love the most. All of the are taken from his book: Love Her Wild.

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The Book That Changed My Life

Before I tell you which book changed my life, you must know that I was an atheist. I didn’t understand the concept of God. If I had no proof of His existence then why the hell on earth should I believe in God? I just didn’t know the meaning of prayers and what or who to imagine when I ask for something in prayers. What should I think of? It felt strange to pray. Also, I never felt the urge to know about all these.

When I started reading books, I became a totally different person. I wanted to know more. I wanted to know about spirituality and God. I just knew that books can help me with it. So, I bought a book on spirituality and that CHANGED MY LIFE.

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