Random Thoughts #1

There’s always this person you think you won’t get someone like him again, isn’t it? It’s so hard to forget a person who you liked so much and were falling for, eventually. But you know you can’t have the one.

It’s so heartbreaking to think that “willing to be with each other” is not enough. There’s always more to it. There are other criteria. People who are not bothered by the other criteria are the winners. I feel shameful to be a part of a society who really takes into account the unnecessary and mundane things. Why can’t love be the only thing which makes two people stick together?

You know, the most heartbreaking part is when you know you can be happily ever after with the person you love but you can’t have him. Life shows you unusual turns. You’re never the same again.

These thoughts take you to a conclusion that you can never feel the same for someone else again. It makes me sad to think that I’m a victim to this society and playing according to them.


“The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I’m, the more I’ll respect myself.”

– Jane Eyre

This line says it all. It explains everything I feel about solitude and being alone and yet not feel lonely. I feel the silence should be celebrated besides the usuals ’cause silence is beautiful.

Solitude makes the inner voice be heard. It brings out the inner desires. It brings you closer to yourself. It makes you know yourself better. It makes you fall in love with yourself. It makes you respect yourself more.

Not everyone is capable of being alone and not feel lonely. The world is too crowded, isn’t it? Make some room for your inner self. Let it be freed from your ribcage.

Love or Loneliness?

Do we really realize
Whether we’re in love
Or just too lonely?

Sometimes, to fill the inner desires
You imagine situations you want to be in.
For that
You need a face to give
a shape to your thoughts.
Here’s when you need to understand
Whether it’s out of love
That you’re imagining someone
In your daydreams
Or just a substitute
‘Cause you don’t really have anyone
To imagine those situations you really want to be in.

It All Went Wrong!

Someday I realized that
I’m a very strong woman.
I thought I can get through
Any tough situation.
Over the time,
I realised that
I, indeed, can get
Through any hardship.

But I also realized,
When it comes to emotions,
I’m weaker than most.
I’ve put the walls around me
So high and thick
That I don’t let any
Emotional situation
Affect me anymore.
On days like this
I realize
I’m incapable of feeling
For anyone again.
I’m incapable of feeling
The love that resides
Two friends
Two hearts.
I don’t know how that
Feels like.

First Step Towards My Dream

Lately, I’d been too busy ’cause I was working on my first step towards my dream. I’d been working 12 to 14 hours a day for a month to achieve that. I know I gave my best. My eyes said it all; At 4 AM when I used to go to sleep, my bloodshot eyes and tired back felt so satisfied. They were hurt but they never complained. That’s the beauty of putting your all to the one thing you want to achieve.

My hard work paid off and I successfully climbed the first step towards my dream. Now I’ve time to relax and plan my next strategy.

Life’s good. ❤

Wind, you!

Here I am

Standing on my balcony

With a half lighted cigarette.


brought some memories for me

every now and then.

Making an eclipse on my face-

light of present on one half,

darkness of memories on the other.

And then Wind, you left.

You left with the cigarette ashes.

What do you want me to do now?

Hold on to the memories


let go of the ashes of the memories?

Who is she to you?

She’s the paragraph you read

While your mind wandered some place else.

She’s the darkness of your pencil’s lead

That helped you express but you never appreciated.

She’s the calm before the storm

That you overlooked.

She’s the semicolon

You forget about.

She’s the tan on your skin

That you never noticed taking place.

She’s the love that comes from family,

One that you take for granted.

Soul Craving

Tired eyes,

Grumpy peevish soul

Looking for things that fill the soul.

Doing stuffs

That I’m supposed to

Not what I want to.

5 Places I Want To Visit In India

If had enough money, two things I would have done. 1. Buying loads of books. 2. Travel.

I love to travel, visit places that are not much known yet beautiful, know the place, feel everything around, watch people and their lifestyle and etch everything in my memory.

Being an Indian, I haven’t visited all the places in India; solely because of the lack of time and my parents won’t allow me to go on a trip with my friends.

I’ll visit all the places I wish to. One day! I just know it because I believe if there’s is a will there’s a way.

So, if I get the chance, the five places I would visit first are:

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